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Last Updated 5 Nov 02


   Two girls from Chepkero AC compete in  a local cross-country meet.

NOTE:  We're in the process of making major changes to Chepkero AC and the website.  Thanks for your patience.



Welcome to the home of Chepkero Athletics Club.  We hope you find your visit here to be informative, entertaining, and inspiring.  The page is presently undergoing major reconstruction, so things may or may not work from time to time.  Please check back often for changes and additions. See something you like?  Please let us know.  Got suggestions for how we can improve?  We welcome those too.  Otherwise, thanks for taking the time to visit us; God bless - Mungu Akubariki. Read guides on WGL site: best shoes for crossfit guide and top running shoes guide.

There is presently no other problem in Kenya that approaches the scope of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  We at Chepkero AC ask that you join us in praying for progress in prevention of this terrible disease that promises to redefine Africa as a continent. 
Follow this link to learn more about what you can do in the fight against AIDS

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